Steloy Foundries specialises in the supply of a comprehensive range of static and centrifugal castings and cast components made from heat resistant materials for use in steel and stainless steel mills as well as for OEM assemblies.

The complete product range, which consists of centrifugally cast tubes and pipes as well as static sand-mould castings, makes provision for applications in heaters and heat exchangers, steel manufacturing infrastructure and heat treatment plants and equipment.

Steloy is the only steel foundry in Africa that can manufacture tube sheets from our high alloy steel centrifugal castings facility in Bronkhorstspruit. This means that quality castings can be manufactured to meet the exact size and dimensions of your application in a variety of premium quality alloys, including carbon steel, exotic stainless steels or heat-resistant steel and stainless alloys.

Through a continuous pursuit of quality for castings that meet industry standards, Steloy conforms to strict quality controls based on the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. This ensures that we are able to produce castings that reduce risk, improve safety and provide high performance at elevated temperatures.

Our solutions for the Steel Industry

Heaters & Heat Exchangers

  • Radiant Tubes
  • Hairpins
  • Bends
  • Tube Support Elements
  • Burners & Burner Nozzles
  • Flue Gas Dampers
  • Manufacturing Equipment & Infrastructure

  • Furnace Rollers & Stub Ends
  • Walking Beams
  • Rabble Arms & Fingers
  • Discharge Heads
  • Grates
  • Cooling Bed Grids
  • Guide Bars & Spacers
  • Rollers (Dip Galvanising)
  • Heat Treatment Plants & Furnace Equipment

  • Grids
  • Carrier Spiders
  • Impellers
  • Base Rings
  • Chain Links
  • Side Wall Plates