Steloy Foundries (Pty) Ltd

Technology, quality and innovation are at the core of our operations to meet the demands and challenges our clients face in each of the key industries we serve. We pride ourselves on the design, manufacture and supply of high-integrity, high-performance components in a wide range of materials including stainless steel, carbon steel and super alloys.

Pumps and Valves


Oil and Gas


Power Generation

Paper and Pulp


The process of taking alloys and casting them into custom engineered designs is dependent not only on the steel casting process, but also the quality of the raw materials. Steloy takes the necessary steps to ensure all of our stainless, Spheroidal graphite and carbon steels are clean and ready to perform to your requirements. With over 200 alloys, we have the base material selection to meet your challenging process environments.

Cast Iron

Spheroidal graphite


Product Weight Range

12.5kgs to 210kgs

225kgs to 750kgs

750kgs to 1850kgs

0.25kgs to 500kgs – Single Piece Weight