Steloy Foundries has the capability to offer quality heat and wear resistant castings for the cement industry. The production of cement products, which takes place at cement plants, is critical for the construction of a lot of the infrastructure that makes up our country, including roads, stadiums, buildings, airports and more.

The manufacture of cement involves a complex, technical process in which materials are heated to extremely high temperatures before being cooled instantly. This process requires machinery and components that are able to withstand these conditions while maximising throughput and optimising production.

Steloy understands the critical importance of maintaining high efficiency operations in cement plants which is why the castings and components that we produce are designed for maximum wear life to fulfil our clients’ requirements without compromising on the quality of the finished product.

Superior quality alloys, combined with advanced technologies deliver significant benefits for the cement industry, including superior strength, high-temperature impact resistance and corrosion resistance. These, along with the implementation of stringent quality control standards provide our clients with castings that they can depend on. 

Our solutions for the Cement Production industry

Cement Kiln Parts

Steloy Foundries manufactures all major castings, components and heat resistant kiln parts mainly for the manufacture of the hot end of cement kilns, which forms the heart of the production process in cement plants across South Africa and abroad.