Cement Kiln Parts

Steloy Foundries manufactures all major castings, components and heat resistant kiln parts mainly for the manufacture of the hot end of cement kilns, which forms the heart of the production process in cement plants across South Africa and abroad.

Castings and components are specially manufactured in a well-equipped foundry facility to meet the challenging demands of the cement manufacturing industry in which the improvement of kiln efficiency is an on-going concern.

We supply all castings and wear items according to specifications and design, including:

  • Inlet pieces or scooping devices
  • Wear liners
  • Grate plates
  • Bearing houses and components
  • On the feed side, a number of feed chutes and guides are produced in a variety of heat resistant materials as well as fabricated grates for the feed end. Our advanced spun tube plant also enables us to produce some heat resistant burner nozzles as well as burner feed tubes.

    Our experience working with clients in the cement industry has enabled us to offer a wide range of casting solutions and wear parts for use in critical applications within cement plants as per original drawing numbers and specifications.