About Us

Steloy Foundries Pty Ltd manufactures a full range of static and centrifugally cast components in Steel, SG iron and cast iron steel for use in a variety of specialised applications.
The cornerstone of our operations lie in our ability to serve diverse industries such as petrochemicals, pumps and valves, rail engineering, and power generation with specialist casting solutions and service excellence that provides immeasurable value.

This is supported by our core values:

 Continual improvement in all that we do

 Honesty, integrity and ethics in all aspects of our business

 Development of mutually beneficial partnerships with employees

 Passion, commitment and enthusiasm in our work

 Dedicated attention to detail, systems, discipline and consistency

 Development of lasting partnerships with clients to better understand and meet their needs

We strive to use our passion to pioneer new paths as the leader in innovation within the industries we serve, and advance to a position where we are able to establish the benchmarks for industry standards. With the same passion, we continually seek to redefine casting services to our customers and the industry.
This commitment combined with our advanced technical capabilities and the capacity to deliver cast components on-time and in accordance with quality requirements demonstrates Steloy’s strong position in the South African and international market to handle large and often complex projects.