The process of taking alloys and casting them into custom engineered designs is dependent not only on the steel casting process, but also the quality of the raw materials. Steloy takes the necessary steps to ensure all of our stainless, super alloys and carbon steels are clean and ready to perform to your requirements. With over 200 alloys, we have the base material selection to meet your challenging process environments.

Steloy Foundries adheres to a policy of absolute quality, producing castings according to internationally acknowledged cast specifications. Because of the implicit relationship with AISI/ANSI/ASME/API standards, ASTM cast specifications are usually applied. Other specifications such as DIN EN, BS and SEW are also applied on a regular basis. In addition, provision has been made for specific cases requiring conformance to fit-for-purpose specifications.

Material Catalogue

Large selections of our materials have been covered in our Material Catalogue, which is regularly updated and used by customers and engineers worldwide in determining component specifications.

The steel casting grades that we manufacture include:

  • Heat Resistant Steel
  • Corrosion Resistant Steel
  • Wear Resistant Steel
  • Carbon Steel Castings
  • Low Alloy Steel