Steloy Foundries helps meet the increased demand for glass in South Africa through the supply of quality glass moulds to mould making equipment partners. We specialise in casting the vast majority of glass moulds used during the production of almost all types of bottles in the South African glass manufacturing industry.

A strong co-operation between glass manufacturers, mould makers and steel foundries is critical for the successful production of glass products to meet demands for high integrity. As the sole casting supplier to this industry in South Africa, Steloy has perfected sand casting processes to produce moulds specifications in accordance with the size of the batch to be produced, the dimensions and the qualitative characteristics of the bottles.

Our solutions for the Glass Manufacturing and Mould Making industry

Glass Moulds

Steloy offers a wide range of glass moulds in a variety of shapes and sizes for the different sectors of glass manufacturing, including moulds for the production of glass containers, glass sheets, etc.