Glass Moulds

Steloy Foundries is the sole supplier of moulds to the glass manufacturing industry in South Africa. Our main focus is on the casting of glass moulds for the production of precision glass components. We have developed advanced materials and processes to enhance the integrity of our cast components in order to extend the life of our glass moulds significantly by improving wear and corrosion resistance while offering high thermal conductivity.

Being the only foundry that supplies cast components to the South African glass industry, Steloy offers a wide range of glass moulds in a variety of shapes and sizes for the different sectors of glass manufacturing, including moulds for the production of glass containers, glass sheets, etc.

The casting of moulds takes place at Steloy Foundries. Its mould-machining facilities are equipped with the latest CNC pattern making technology to ensure that moulds are manufactured to a high precision, conforming to customers’ specific requirements. In addition, stringent quality control is ensured throughout the production process with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System accreditation.