Steloy Foundries supplies the ferrous metals (ferro-metals) industry, which contributes significantly to the development of major technology, with a range of castings, including ingot moulds, chain links and furnace feed tubes, scraper blades and conveyor flights. The production and processing of ferrous materials is characterised by a complex process involving high temperatures and pressures that require heat, corrosion and wear resistant components to ensure high degrees of efficiency and durability.

Our ingot moulds are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials, which includes a variety of iron and steel alloys. The casting process used to manufacture cast iron ingot moulds takes place at our specialised Cobalt Street facility, which is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and technologies that are capable of producing a full range of cast iron, SG iron, nickel irons and a variety of carbon steel castings

Our solutions for the Ferro-Metals industry

Ingot Moulds

Steloy Foundries is recognised as one of the leading ingot mould manufacturers in South Africa, supplying a broad variety of cast iron ingot moulds in multiple shapes and sizes to meet the individual requirements of our clients.